Chelsea Brown


Income lost: $1000+

It’s only a matter how long till all my weddings cancel (gatherings of 50+ people). As of right now one wedding has cancelled and it’s only going to continue in the heart of wedding season. I’m also afraid people are not going to be booking weddings after such a financial crisis. 😔 Anything helps.

Jaime Swanson

Professional wedding and portrait photographer

Income lost: $3500

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I have already had one canceled wedding, several more that may be canceled or postponed at a loss of revenue. I also have had to limit sessions booked and may be unable to schedule clients during what should be peak season. I am a mom of four and we do rely on my income for household expenses as well as my studio expenses.

Paul Gabbard

Nonprofit Theatre Artist

Income lost: $1800

I am a freelance theatre artist. I also run a nonprofit theatre organization. I get-by through gigging and substitute teaching. We need the arts to help tell our story and help us create solutions to this problem and others. Please help me pay my bills this month so I can continue to do my important job of being an artist and an arts leader.

Lizzie Jenkins

Pet Sitting

Income lost: $1500

I am a 5th generation Gainesville resident who studied zoology at Santa Fe College as a single mom of two boys. To spend more time with my children I grew a very successful business by working with students and professionals in the area who often leave town and can’t take their pets with them. Unfortunately this virus caused literally all of my clients and all of my income to be wiped out in just 24 hours. Anyone local to Gainesville or Newberry who is able to donate now will be given a certificate of equal value they can redeem at any time for pet and house Sitting services by me. I generally charge $20 per visit, so if you would like me to come walk your dog three times a day, it would be $60 a day. I can also come walk your dog once a day while you are at work for $20 per walk. Please be sure to email me your donation amount, your name and phone number so I can keep a file of everyone who would like house sitting services in the future. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Jacqueline Valdez

Dance & fitness instructor and promotional model

Income lost: $3000

I am autoimmune compromised. I don’t have any family I can turn too. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. I’m scared, lost and terrified I’m going to loose everything I have worked so hard for. I own Elegant Body Pilates. I teach dance and fitness to the community. I also do promotional modeling. All of my jobs have been affected drastically by the virus. I can not take on other jobs to make additional money as I’m too delicate to give blood or plasma and I can’t be in large groups. I live with Sjogrens and Fibromyalgia. I also have multiple food allergies. I need all the help I can get. I am scared. I do not have health insurance, savings or great credit. I work hard and hustle daily. This is my life, my home and my rescue pets lives that have been affected.

Nellie Eshleman

Cello Teacher

Income lost: $1800

Hi there:) I’m a local cello teacher and performer. I was supposed to perform some high end weddings in April and they are going to elope instead because of the coronavirus. I waived my contract and did not charge them what I was owed because they were going to be out tens of thousands of dollars.

This is my rent and utilities.

Anything helps, thank you:)

Kara Winslow

Freelance Makeup Artist

Income lost: 3025 +

I’m a freelance makeup artist whose job is to literally to touch peoples faces. Within the first 24 hours of this I lost $2k in work and it keep climbing. On top of that most of my work only books 3 hours to 2 weeks in advance so in this time nothing else is booking. From commercial shoots ending early, to weddings canceling and individuals not able to go to events or photoshoots. Paying my bills (mortgage in particular) is what is most scary. I’m not good at asking for help but right now that’s what many of us have to do to stay afloat.