Lizzie Jenkins

Pet Sitting

Income lost: $1500

I am a 5th generation Gainesville resident who studied zoology at Santa Fe College as a single mom of two boys. To spend more time with my children I grew a very successful business by working with students and professionals in the area who often leave town and can’t take their pets with them. Unfortunately this virus caused literally all of my clients and all of my income to be wiped out in just 24 hours. Anyone local to Gainesville or Newberry who is able to donate now will be given a certificate of equal value they can redeem at any time for pet and house Sitting services by me. I generally charge $20 per visit, so if you would like me to come walk your dog three times a day, it would be $60 a day. I can also come walk your dog once a day while you are at work for $20 per walk. Please be sure to email me your donation amount, your name and phone number so I can keep a file of everyone who would like house sitting services in the future. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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