IT Services for the Elderly and Disabled

Income Lost: $3000

I am the sole provider for a family of six, my wife is immune compromised so I cannot work with the elderly anymore and they are too scared to call me. This has been my business I have built up for over a decade, serving the entire community including famous Gainesville natives such as coach Billy Donovan, and provided top tier services to the elderly community in Haile Village, Haile Plantation, and the Villages. My wife has already been at home for two years and we just had a newborn a few weeks ago. Just when she got to where she could finally go out again, the virus struck. I have three small children, one teenager, and its just tough right now. I was selected to go to Harvard for excellence in Academics and am considered one of the best students in the world right now as I was selected as a Team All-USA Scholar (only one nomination per year), and given the prestigous President’s List award 4 times at my college and am part of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, but to be honest it is kind of oxymoronic because right now I am living in a run down place I can barely afford due to my wife’s illness (which we believe may be Lupus) as well as my mother having stage IV cancer. We are all locked down in our house with zero income. It is frightening and we already suffered from PTSD and anxiety and this is just too much… any help is kindly and graciously accepted and appreciated, you will receive blessings for supporting a religiously devout family as well. May God bless you and protect your family and your spirit always.

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