IT Services for the Elderly and Disabled

Income Lost: $3000

I am the sole provider for a family of six, my wife is immune compromised so I cannot work with the elderly anymore and they are too scared to call me. This has been my business I have built up for over a decade, serving the entire community including famous Gainesville natives such as coach Billy Donovan, and provided top tier services to the elderly community in Haile Village, Haile Plantation, and the Villages. My wife has already been at home for two years and we just had a newborn a few weeks ago. Just when she got to where she could finally go out again, the virus struck. I have three small children, one teenager, and its just tough right now. I was selected to go to Harvard for excellence in Academics and am considered one of the best students in the world right now as I was selected as a Team All-USA Scholar (only one nomination per year), and given the prestigous President’s List award 4 times at my college and am part of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, but to be honest it is kind of oxymoronic because right now I am living in a run down place I can barely afford due to my wife’s illness (which we believe may be Lupus) as well as my mother having stage IV cancer. We are all locked down in our house with zero income. It is frightening and we already suffered from PTSD and anxiety and this is just too much… any help is kindly and graciously accepted and appreciated, you will receive blessings for supporting a religiously devout family as well. May God bless you and protect your family and your spirit always.


Hardback door/cleanup/peacekeeper

Income Lost: All of it

The Hardback was closed on march 17 completely. Since all we have is a bar and a stage, we were deemed unnecessary in the world. I have been working in punk rock venues since the 90s in gainesville. Alan is trying to do all he can to save the Hardback, but there is literally no money to help pay employees. Since my work skills revolve around music stages and restaurants, im kind of out of luck for work right now. Thanks for reading and i wish all of you the best.

Amanda Rose-Helmuth

House Cleaning and Small Business

Income Lost: All

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All of my house cleaning jobs have cancelled—my main source of income.

I recently opened an Apothecary online.
My first brick and mortar stockist, a salon, had to close resulting in an investment into products that are now locked away unable to be sold.

I haven’t made any sales online the last week other than the Free White Sage bundles I have been giving away since last week to help offer herbal and spiritual support to those who need it during this time.


Any gift and all prayers and intentions are greatly appreciated. 

Please also consider sharing my Apothecary with friends and family. I can help you support and strengthen your immune system during this time and support your mental and emotional health as well.

The Soulful Apothecary on Instagram and Etsy

Kevin Jacquot


Lost Income: $450-550 a week

As a result of COVID-19, I’ve had a severe loss in income at a local, high volume restaurant in Gainesville. We’ve had to follow orders handed down by the state to not allow dining-in which resulted in nearly everyone losing their hours or job and it seriously affected my livelihood. During this time, I also lost the home I was living in and have since found a temporary home, but have no means to afford a new place.

Adrianna Tousignant


Income lost: $1k weekly +/- until the restaurants can offer dine in again

I have been a bartender in Gainesville for 12 years. I am due my first child in June. I had intended to work up until my due date. I have been saving for a maternity leave but had not anticipated that I would be out of work already. I am unable due to my late pregnancy to pick up the available jobs at groceries or warehouses due to the physical strain and exposure to the public. I am hoping that this blows over quickly and I can get back to work and pay forward any help I may receive. Thank you for reading. <3

Kelly Crews


Income Lost: $10500

I had a buyer for one of my listings that backed out because of the COVID-19 scare. I only get paid when I close on a home and from the looks of everything, both buyers and sellers are afraid to move forward.

Interest rates have dropped but buyers confidence levels have dropped significantly. 

I also had an Investor cancel an appointment to see one of my big 458 acre listings listed at $6,800,000 and cancelled because he is Immune compromised.

I am nervous about the real estate market for sure.

Casey Henshaw

Event Director

Lost Income – $1250 and counting

Over the last week, we’ve had over 25 postponements/cancellations which results not only in thousands in lost revenue for the venue during our busiest season, but also the direct loss of my commission pay (part of my salary) for those events.
In addition, just yesterday the starter in my car went out, adding an unexpected $600 expense to a quickly tightening budget.

Lily Prado

Substitute Teacher and Personal Trainer

Income Lost: $2000

I have lived in Gainesville for 14 years and used to work as a full time teacher but became a personal trainer last year and have spent the past year making most of my income from substitute teaching while I tried to build my personal training business in the evenings. Now I have no income because schools are closed and clients don’t want to come train at the gym due to fear of germs. I don’t have any other source of income but still have a mortgage and bills to pay like everyone else. I am very active in my community with fundraisers and non-profits as well as volunteering at my church. Any help is much appreciated. I am thankful and grateful for the generosity of others during these trying times.